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  Hi,   In 2017, Bitcoin was one of the 5 searched terms on Google and for fans of Cryptocurrencies we thought it was be a great conversation starter to make set of BitCoin Cufflinks. While we have always dealt with physical coins and are the worlds largest maker of coin cufflinks, we thought it… Read More

Hi,   Thank you for stopping by our website. We have a shop on ETSY and Amazon of the same name.   We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products and the products are the same on each site.   As we sell our Cufflinks and Pendants internationally each day, we keep stock… Read More

Hi,   Thank you for stopping by World Coin Cufflinks.   We make Cufflinks from the coins of over 20 countries. Our website has a fast checkout system and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our orders, so there is no risk to you. The handmade products are available on our shop on Amazon and… Read More

When we first started out with our Cufflinks business, we did so as a nod to the past currencies which each country had before they switched to the Euro.   Each country had proud symbols of their culture and heritage on their coins which has been there for decades. When all of the countries switched… Read More

Updated 30th August 2016.   People often ask us about our Coin Cufflinks process. We are a professional registered business and we take it seriously and we always give our Customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We started the business using Old Irish Coin, and then expanded it to all the old European countries who switched… Read More

HI,   Thank you for stopping by World Coin Cufflinks. We make Cufflinks from Old Coins, where we wash and hand polish the coins to bring them back to their former glory. The Coins are then inset into the Cufflinks and presented in a silver Cufflinks box. We post our Cufflinks around the world every… Read More

  A fantastic story from Northern California about a couple who found $10 million dollars of rare coins while they were out walking the dog ! What made these gold coins was the fact they were in mint condition.  The find is one of the largest in the world with 1427 gold coins discovered. The… Read More

Hi, Thank you for stopping by. We have a fantastic 2015, the highlight was receiving an order to make a set of Cufflinks for the President of America, Barack Obama. We are very excited at World Coin Cufflinks for 2016.  We continue with our 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee to all our customers, and every… Read More

From time to time our customers will send in an email about our handmade coin cufflinks. We recently received one which really demonstrates and articulates how we feel about them. We love the fact that our coin cufflinks will be passed on from generation to generation.   From: Marianne Date: Fri, Sep 13, 2013 12:13 am… Read More